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How Naughty Are You Feeling?

Single or in a couple! Gay or Straight! Whatever tickles your fancy, we deliver and you love! You need Kissalo in your life and we guarantee to bring you something new and exciting every time to help keep things hot in the bedroom.

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Spice It Up & Get Adventurous!

We believe that there is nothing more sensual than having each of your five senses stimulated and that’s exactly what we aim to do in each box. With Kissalo, you’ll find treats centred around touch, taste, sight, smell and sound!

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you need in your life!

Experience something different every time with treats ranging from massage oils, scented candles and lubricants, to erotic and leather toys for one or two, our list goes on!

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are you Ready to try something a little different and spice up your love life?

With different treats and surprises in every box, you’ll never know what’s coming next and that’s where the excitement lays! Our aim is to stimulate your five senses each time yet keep you guessing what may turn up with your next arrival.

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Straight or gay, single or in a couple you need in your life! The cost of all this fun is just £19.95 (for a limited time only)!